The following services can be provided on a consultative (one-time) or ongoing basis.


Capitalizing on the extensive knowledge and experience of the MMS Management Team you are assured our processes, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and proprietary editing techniques, will produce optimum reimbursement results.

See our Revenue Cycle Management Process for details.

The success of your practice is important to us.  Conducting a feasibility study for proposed new service lines, then developing a comprehensive plan of action will help ensure that the new service can indeed achieve its strategic purpose.


MMS provides consulting services for individual practitioners that want to integrate into a group practice. MMS develops a comprehensive plan coordinating all aspects of the transition from the strategic purpose, financial, legal and cultural issues, to the operational infrastructure, staffing, contracting, and revenue cycle management concerns.


Whether you are looking at building your own imaging center or considering a joint-venture with other providers, MMS consultants have extensive backgrounds in Medical Imaging services and offer feasibility studies, added value revenue opportunities, negotiations with joint-venture partners, detailed start-up maps, and comprehensive policy and procedure guides to create a winning relationship and jump-start operations.


MMS assists clients in the development, implementation, maintenance or evaluation of benefit and compensation programs that are competitive and maximize productivity. 


You can profit from our extensive experience and understanding of revenue cycle management, with an exhaustive and complete review of your current billing and accounts receivable processes. An impartial evaluation will be provided and recommendations included with potential impacts to your practice. This review will assure that technology is being used to the fullest, good financial controls are in place and that you are maximizing reimbursement results.


An independent thorough review and evaluation of your managed care payer contracts can save your practice money by helping you make sound business decisions. MMS’s experience in heath care contracting can minimize attorney fees by differentiating those contracts that are standard and straightforward from those that require further legal review from your attorney.


An effective compliance plan and creating a culture of compliance that permeates the day-to-day operations of a medical practice is vital. MMS will assist its clients in the development, implementation and maintenance of a strong compliance plan. 


Timely and efficient credentialing processes go hand-in-hand with revenue cycle management and it is critical this process is effectively managed. Equally important is ensuring that our clients have active privileges with their partnering hospitals, which is an important but sometimes tedious task. Our credentialing software will allow for constant record maintenance and our staff will build upon their relationships with third party payers and government entities to allow for quick resolution with credentialing issues.

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